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A Simple Guide To VAT Registration in South Africa

Thank goodness SARS introduced e-filing in 2003. Before then, many of you might still recall the daunting mission of having to physically go into their offices with all the required information and wait in long queues for your VAT registration to be processed.

If VAT registration is a completely new process for you and you’re still unsure as to what you should do, how you should do it and when it should be done; then trust Brendmo Incorporated to provide you with insightful and helpful information.

Because we provide a variety of businesses and individuals with excellent accounting services, we’ve had many questions asked regarding VAT registration. If you’re still unsure as to how this process works then continue reading this insightful and simple guide to VAT registration in South Africa.

Should I register for VAT and if yes, when should this be done?

If the turnover of your entity is likely to exceed or has already exceeded R1 million over a consecutive 12 month period, then it is mandatory for you to register for VAT. This should be done within 21 days from the date of exceeding R1 million and submitted to SARS physically.

What kind of information will I require for the VAT registration process?

When registering for VAT you will need to provide the following information in order for your application to be processed by SARS:

  • General information such as ID number, name of entity, passport details and trading name
  • Information pertaining to the nature of the entity (whether it’s an individual, CC, partnership etc.)
  • Information pertaining to the industry classification of entity
  • Information pertaining to the trading name and registration details of entity
  • Contact details (telephone number, email address and cell phone number)
  • Physical address details (also includes postal address)
  • Banking details
  • Representative taxpayer details
  • Financial year details
  • Industry classification details
  • If the entity is not an individual, then the entity’s directors/trustees/beneficiaries/members or partners particular details are also required

Can my tax practitioner register on my behalf?

Yes, but only if they are a registered tax practitioner. Posted applications will only be processed if applications provide proof that they are geographically too far from the SARS branch or unable to physically come into the SARS branch because of a disability.

Also, remember that the SARS VAT 101 application form for VAT registration must be submitted at the SARS branch which is nearest to the place of your entity’s location or operating area.

If you require more assistance regarding VAT registration or you simply would like to know more about the accounting services we offer, contact Brendmo Incorporated on 011 026 3052 or email us at info@brendmo.co.za