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Virtual CFO Services

Virtual CFO Services

Is your accounting department adequately resourced? Does it add up?

As your business grows, it requires a well resourced and efficient accounting team. Often, the accounting departments of companies fail to be enablers of business growth and add to the costs of running the business without bringing much value. 

Due to our deep insights into businesses, Brendmo will ensure that the CFO role is an enabler to your business. Thus your business will not be unnecessarily hindered through bureaucratic processes that draw it back, while also remaining compliant with best accounting practices.

As proven, getting assistance from an external Senior Financial and Accounting expert can be extremely valuable as you get an objective assessment and insights into your financial operations’ state.

Our ‘Virtual CFO” can help shed light on critical areas to improve your business’s financial health and performance. You don’t need to break the bank for a full-time role to get all this.

Getting all these through Brendmo’s virtual CFO services will save your company time, money, and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Brendmo’s comprehensive and holistic suite of Virtual CFO services include the following:

Cash flow and Budgeting
Financial Management Reporting
Reviews of Internal Controls/Systems
Strategic Planning
Risk Management
Board Meetings and Reports
Corporate Governance
Preparing for audits
All Statutory compliance
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