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Tax Services

Taxation Services

At Brendmo, we are a team of skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable tax practitioners, who are up-to-date with the laws and regulations of Southern African Revenue Services/Authorities e.g. SARS and ZIMRA.

Our main objective is to keep the clients compliant; we also have an intense focus on helping them to move forward in the best way possible by not breaking any Revenue Authority laws and regulations.

Our team take pride in the integrated and consultative approach to provide the highest quality of tax services and assistance.

We also value the importance of having long term relationships with our client. Getting to know your needs over time consequently enables us in proactively reacting to the changes in your tax requirements and specifically suit your circumstances, thus your tax accountable partners.

Brendmo is ready and able to assist you with the following tax services:

Tax registrations (Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, SDL, Diesel Rebate, Dividend withholding tax, etc)
Income tax calculations and returns for Individuals and companies.
Provisional Tax calculations and returns
Public Benefit Organisations and tax-exempt entity tax calculations and returns
Tax planning
PAYE, UIF and SDL calculation and returns
VAT compilations and returns
Diesel rebate compilations and returns
IT14SD reconciliations and returns
Withholding calculations and returns (e.g. dividends, interest and royalties)
Applications in respect of the Voluntary Disclosure Programme
Tax clearance certificates and Tax directives
Tax dispute resolutions (Drafting disputes and appeals, attending meetings at SARS/ZIMRA representing the client)
Amending/updating SARS or ZIMRA registered details


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