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Payroll Services

Payroll Services

We can free up time spent on payroll functions and save you costs of hiring staff to perform these functions. Our processes are developed to ensure all payroll functions and related activities are performed.

We keep ourselves up to date with legislative changes ensuring compliance is met with all payroll authorities. We provide you with a payroll system were your employee information is kept in a save and secure environment.

Preparation of the payroll on a monthly basis
Processing and submission of payslips to employees
Payment of net salaries to employees
Providing detailed payroll reports on employees leave, earnings, deductions, etc.
Calculation of amounts due for PAYE, SDL and UIF
Preparing and issuing of IRP5s to employees at tax year-end
Calculating the payroll taxes
Advise on the amount payable to ZIMRA in respect of PAYE and SDL
Manage communication from ZIMRA and other institutions relating to the payroll
Calculating and advising on the amount payable to the UIF, and submitting UIF report to the Department of Labour


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