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We provide various services for SMEs

Brendmo is a growing accounting firm in UK with a passion of helping small to medium businesses grow by offering them payroll, secretarial, virtual CFO, advisory, taxation, HR, and accounting services that are tailored to your needs

Accounting Services

We have dedicated professional accountants and bookkeepers to assist you with the preparation of your financial statements in accordance with your business needs.

Tax Services

We have a team of tax practitioners, who are skilled and up-to-date with the tax laws to help clients become and remain compliant while paying reasonable business taxes.

Payroll Services

We have dedicated HR consultants to assist you with the preparation of payroll on a monthly basis in accordance with you and your business needs, among other things.

Secretarial Services

We offer secretarial services to Small and Medium-sized Businesses as well as large entities. We do understand the administrative requirements involved in keeping the company records up to date and…

Virtual CFO Services

As your business grows, it requires an efficient accounting team. Hence we can help you build an accounting team that enables business growth instead of just adding to the costs…

Advisory Services

Our Financial Management Support is envisaged on understanding the need for financial expertise without the expense of an “in-house” expert like a CFO, especially to Small and Medium-Sized entities.
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Frequently asked question

Yes! We work with clients all over the United Kingdom and can communicate and collaborate through email, phone calls, and virtual meetings. Please contact us to discuss with one of our accountants.

Many businesses are great at the sales pitch but are shocking when it comes to executing on all the promises they made in it. The best way to know what you’re in for is to look for the experience existing clients have to get a realistic perspective on the service offered.

Our clients have given us positive reviews and testimonials on Google about their experiences working with us. Have a look at some of their reviews and testimonials on this page.

All our systems are cloud-based with more than sufficient backup and security in place. Believe it or not, working on cloud applications is actually much more secure than working on local software and files.

If you can trust internet banking, then you’ll be comfortable with our systems. We also have various internal IT audits to ensure we comply with the strictest standards at all times, no matter how fast our world is moving.

Most of our services are billed at a fixed monthly fee depending on your company needs.

For a fixed monthly fee, our team will take care of all your accounting, payroll and tax work that you can’t or don’t want to do.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs in order to create a customized plan for your business.

Request a callback to speak with one of our accountants.

Have a free consultation with us.

    Our Technology & Partners

    We are affiliated with other trusted organizations in the accounting industry

    We have partnered with well known organizations and software providers in the accounting industry to provide you with the best possible payroll, secretarial, virtual CFO, advisory, taxation, HR, and accounting service.

    We Are Among the Top Accounting Firms in the United Kingdom

    An accountant is a key member of a small or medium-sized business team. As a business owner, you have a choice between hiring a full-time in-house accountant(s) or outsourcing that function to an accounting firm.

    Many small and medium-sized businesses here in the United Kingdom end up employing the services of an accounting firm to help them with their payroll, secretarial, virtual CFO, advisory, taxation, HR, and accounting needs while significantly reducing their overall month-to-month professional accountant cost.

    Accounting firms in the United Kingdom can help your business stay organized and give advice on how to better improve your operations at a fraction of the cost of a full-time in-house accountant.

    We offer cost-effective accounting firm services to small and medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom. As a modern accounting firm, we have embraced the future of cloud-based accounting and aligned with well-known partners in this field.

    We offer a comprehensive, secure, and reliable cloud accounting solution at fixed rates and services tailored for your business. You’ll be able to log in online anytime, anywhere on PC, tablet, or phone and see your up-to-date financials.

    This also allows us to focus on what is really important, giving expert advice to help you grow your business. Having real-time up to date financial information is crucial to a sustainable business and with cloud-based accounting this is possible.

    From analyzing costs to optimizing the process for rotating inventory, we, as an accounting firm in the United Kingdom, can help you retain control of your bottom line.

    We will help you set up and maintain proper accounting practices so that you can effectively increase revenue and manage expenses as well as, ensure that you do not forfeit potential tax savings when tax season rolls around.

    Our accounting firm services are also important in generating financial statements. Well-organized financial records allow for you to easily put together income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets.

    These statements are essential for any small business, as they are what help you make better business decisions, stay compliant with the government, accurately calculate tax returns, obtain a business loan, and/or attract investors.

    In addition to our accounting and tax services, we can also help you with payroll, secretarial, virtual CFO, advisory, and HR services.

    As a competent and modern accounting firm in the United Kingdom, we have a qualified team of professionals ready to help you make sound decisions in a risky, uncertain world. Feel free to contact us to get your accounting firm services quotation.