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Auditing Services in Gauteng

Reliable Auditing Firm in Gauteng

An auditing firm in Gauteng is a company that reviews the financial activities and reports of companies or people to identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, and otherwise achieve organizational objectives.

Audit firms in Gauteng, may also investigate potential theft, fraud or inaccuracies and ensure compliance with applicable South African regulations and policies. They also help to ensure the accuracy of reports. Audits are an essential part of a company’s efficiency.

Our audit services in Gauteng include but are not limited to the following:

Financial statement audits and agreed-upon procedures per statutory requirements
Conducting governance reviews in accordance with appropriate governance standards
Internal audit, external audit and forensic audit services
Review engagements for small to medium sized enterprises
Review of legislation and the effects of such legislation on client’s operations
Review of internal controls and recommendation on areas of improvements.

We assist our clients in preparing audit-ready financial statements according to company policies and in line with the required reporting standards.

We also ensure up-to-date maintenance of the general and subsidiary ledger accounts while ensuring that all relevant supporting documents are in place (Compilation of Audit-Ready file).

Amidst the economic challenges, this value-add service will significantly reduce companies’ audit costs and improve efficiency.

Why Choose Brendmo Chartered Accountants as Your Audit Firm Among Other Audit Firms in Gauteng

We have a qualified team of accountants and auditors in Gauteng. The director of Brendmo Chartered Accountants is a registered auditor with Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA). 

The IRBA is the statutory body controlling the auditing part of the accountancy profession involved with public accountancy in South Africa. It ensures that only suitably qualified individuals are admitted to the audit profession, and further that audit professionals registered by this body deliver quality services and adhere to their ethical standards.

As an audit firm in Gauteng with professionals that value quality work, we understand the importance of reliable financial information to ground any business decisions. 

Our audit services in Gauteng are designed to ensure that your business financial information can be relied upon by its investors, creditors and stakeholders. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do auditors do?

Auditors in Gauteng are responsible for examining the financial and organizational operations of a business or person. They check that all parties are complying with the regulations set out by the relevant authorities.

Do auditors undergo an auditing process?

Yes, all auditors should be audited. This helps to avoid errors and discrimination within the auditing process. The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) is responsible for regulating auditing standards in South Africa.

What happens when you have been successfully audited?

You will receive a certificate of compliance when you have been successfully audited. It acts as proof that all operations are legal and meet industry standards. However, if the person, business or organisation is non-compliant they will undergo further investigation which could result in legal action.

What are the benefits of private auditing?

Private auditing is not always necessary. However, a private audit report can give businesses in Gauteng an indication of their current compliance status. It allows for the necessary changes to be made before facing serious consequences.

How often does auditing take place?

It varies depending on the industry. However, auditing generally takes place once every financial year. In addition, auditing might take place more than once if the business is under investigation for non-compliance or if a new audit report would serve public interest.

Are audit reports 100% accurate?

Audit reports are as accurate as possible. However, it’s impossible to monitor all the practices of a business, organisation or person. Sometimes, transactions take place that are not detected.

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