Accounting and Payroll

It is of paramount importance for small and medium-sized businesses to know and understand the importance of proper record keeping and financial statement interpretations.

In so many instances business owners do not assess the performance and growth of their businesses and unfortunately, this has led to unexpected business failures and closures in South Africa and Africa as a continent.

Monitoring business performance through record keeping is vital, hence the need for a qualified accountant. By law taxpayers (Companies and Individuals) are required to keep certain tax records for 5 years.

Businesses are also required to prepare Annual Financial Statements according to reporting standards i.e. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or International Financial Reporting Standards for Small to Medium-sized entities (IFRS for SME’s).

Our Accounting Services include:

Brendmo Inc understand business needs and is ready to partner with you in delivering the following business solutions amongst others:

  • Proper bookkeeping/recordkeeping using appropriate accounting system
  • Preparation and review of monthly management accounts for management decision making
  • Budgets or focus preparations and review of budgets against actual performance
  • Preparations and presentation of Annual Financial Statements
  • SARS submissions – VAT, Provisional Tax and Income Tax
  • Monthly and yearly reconciliations
  • Processing, updating and general maintenance of a fixed asset register.

Brendmo also provide onsite accountants and bookkeepers to assist clients in the preparation of their financial statements in accordance with the client’s needs.

Our Payroll Services include:

  • Preparation of the payroll on a monthly basis
  • Processing and submission of payslips to employees
  • Payment of net salaries to employees
  • Providing detailed payroll reports on employees leave, earnings, deductions etc.
  • Calculation of amounts due for PAYE, SDL and UIF
  • Preparing and issuing of IRP5s to employees at tax year-end
  • Calculating the payroll taxes – EMP201and EMP 501
  • Advise on the amount payable to SARS in respect of PAYE and SDL
  • Manage communication from SARS and other institutions relating to the payroll
  • Calculating and advising on the amount payable to the UIF, and submitting UIF report to the Department of Labour

Tells us the magnitude of work you desire to get from us and enquire of our value-add services and our lucrative pricing.